Want to help support farm animal diversity?

Here are three easy ways in which you can act...

A) Write to your local Member of Parliament.

Politicians need to know that agricultural biodiversity is important to you and that you expect them to do their part to help protect it. Please take a moment to sign and forward the letter linked below to your MP. Or better yet, compose one yourself.

You can obtain your MP’s name and contact information by entering your postal code here.

Farm animal biodiversity letter template

B) Support organizations that promote agricultural biodiversity

Organizations are working here in Canada to help protect farm animal biodiversity and preserve it for future generations, but they need your support. Please follow the links below to learn more about them and consider a financial contribution, membership, or volunteering your time.

C) Learn more about farm animal biodiversity

The following organizations are an excellent resource for those who wish to learn more about farm animal biodiversity:

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