Ontario Organic Turkey Farmers Need Your Help!

The Turkey Farmers of Ontario, the organization governing the 186 quota-holding, licensed turkey growers in the province, has imposed a requirement that all turkeys raised by member farms must be housed under a solid roof. This requirement has effectively rendered it impossible for organic turkey to be produced by quota-holding turkey farmers in Ontario.

Ontario, Canada's leading turkey producer, is now the only jurisdiction in North America that will not allow turkeys to be raised in accordance to organic principles. Ontario consumers want organic turkeys raised in their province, and until this rule is changed, they won't be getting them.

The Organic Council of Ontario is calling on organizations and individuals to support the production of organic turkey in the province. After unsuccessfully attempting to challenge the new requirement imposed by the Turkey Farmers of Ontario within the province's regulatory framework, the OCO has now launched a public campaign to bring Ontario's rules in line with Quebec's- the most restrictive in North America while allowing for organic certification.

Beyond Factory Farming supports the OCO campaign and urges our supporters to do the same. For more information read the OCO's June 11 background statement and to find out how you or your organization can help please click here.

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