October 24 is International Day of Climate Action

“Global warming is an unequivocal threat to our environment, our economy and to people’s lives.” Climate change will increase hunger and malnutrition, threaten fishing and cause new patterns of pests and diseases. While agriculture contributes to climate change it can also reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

Food and agriculture are an important part of the climate change picture. Agriculture is directly affected by the weather problems that result from climate instability. And how we raise, process and distribute our food can make the problem worse, or can be part of the solution.

International Day of Climate Action Events will be held across the country Saturday October 24. The rallies will coincide with the Fill the Hill event in Ottawa and hundreds of events worldwide.

Send Stephen Harper a message that he must act now to prevent dangerous climate change. Canada needs to commit to absolute reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. With the Copenhagen Climate Treaty meeting in just 6 weeks, we cannot wait any longer.

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