Go local for the holidays: are you up for the challenge?

Where is your turkey coming from this holiday season?

Would you like to serve your family healthier, humanely-raised, and environmentally friendly food but don’t know where to start?

Would you like to support local farmers, the environment, and your local economy?

Why not usher in the holiday with a healthier meal, one that shares the spirit of giving with your rural neighbours? Instead of buying a supermarket turkey, we are challenging you to buy a turkey that is locally grown and sustainably-raised. Click here to find out more.

Turkey is the centrepiece of many a holiday meal. And there may be no better time than now to make a statement that you believe in serving good quality, fresh food to your family. Better still, by doing so you also support local farmers and the environment. Taking the time to buy locally produced food has positive benefits for your community. Join us this holiday season in featuring a local turkey on your table – and by donating locally-grown, sustainable items to your local food bank.