Documentary Returns to the Source of Swine Flu Outbreak

and points the finger at factory farms...

This excellent documentary, originally broadcast in French by Télévision Suisse Romande (TSR) and now available in English at, leads viewers to La Gloria, Mexico- the small village where the first cases of the H1N1 pandemic were initially reported in April 2009.

Once there, reporters learned villagers in the area were suffering from severe respiratory illnesses, water shortages, rancid-smelling air and a plague of rats- all of which coincided with the arrival of several enormous factory pig farms that set up shop in the Valley of Perote where La Gloria is located soon after NAFTA was signed in 1994.

The report portrays an industry that employs threats and intimidation to silence critics while blatantly defying environmental regulations in its pursuit of bargain-priced pork for Canadian and American consumers. It also observes that although a compelling case can be made that the H1N1 pandemic may have very well originated within the factory pig farms near La Gloria, the unmonitored and unsanitary operations at these facilities continue exactly as they did before the outbreak struck.

See the video here.