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Beyond Factory Farming welcomes contributions which will allow us to do more to promote small, family farms and local food networks. Help us help you get better access to healthy, humanely-raised food. By simply clicking on the PayPal button, you can make a donation directly to Beyond Factory Farming and our work.

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If you would like to distribute Beyond Factory Farming brochures at your local events, please contact the regional staff person closest to you with your request. Be sure to include your complete mailing address, the date of your event and the number of copies you would like.

Eat well

Vote with your dollar. When you buy local, non-factory farmed products you support those farmers who are producing meat in a sustainable and socially responsible way. You help keep them in business and you build your local community economy. To find local sources of non-factory farmed meat, use the Eat Well Guide or our local food directory listings.