David Bunnett Family Farm

David and Sandra Bunnett and family
Location: Havelock, New Brunswick

This organic family farm prides itself on raising healthy animals. As Jacob, the Bunnett’s eight year old son will tell you, their animals live outside (except during the cold winter months) and are moved to fresh pasture everyday. By rotationally grazing their cows, chickens, and turkeys, the Bunnett’s ensure that their animals are able to behave naturally, which in turn, provides a lean, high quality meat that their customers can’t get enough of. Healthy animals also means that there is no need to rely on antibiotics and hormones to promote growth or treat illness. When an animal is in need of medical treatment, homeopathic remedies are used instead.

The Bunnett’s cattle are moved daily to fresh pasture

Their products include ground beef, beef sausages, steaks, roasts, as well as chickens and turkeys (available in early Fall) .

Buy directly from the farm gate, the Dieppe Farmers’ Market, and the Kingston Peninsula Farmers’ Market. You can also purchase products from Sequoia natural foods store in Moncton. And, if you’re looking for a place to eat out, their meat is featured on the menu at local restaurants including the Cape Jourimain Nature Centre, in Cape Tourmentine, and the Mariner’s Table in Saint-John, New Brunswick.

The Bunnett Family at the Dieppe Farmers’ Market