Trade Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA): What does it mean for socially responsible agriculture?

TILMA is an agreement designed to enforce harmonized regulations between provinces. It includes a dispute resolution mechanism that allows investors to sue governments for up to $5 million if regulations adversely affect investment. British Columbia and Alberta signed the TILMA behind closed doors in April 2006, and it went into effect on April 1, 2007. Other provinces are considering signing on to TILMA. The 2007 federal budget also encourages TILMA, along with "Smart Regulation" and other mechanisms for deregulation and harmonization with the American regulatory system.

This is part of a corporate led “Deep Integration” agenda that threatens our ability to set and enforce certain standards pertaining to, among other things, agricultural practices, land use, and food safety. It is part of a growing trend to favour big business at the expense of small scale local businesses, food safety standards, and our food sovereignty.

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Deep Integration and the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership)

ATLANTICA (“International Northeast Economic Region”)

In many ways Atlantica is the East coast version of TILMA. It is also a corporate led agenda that aims to chop down trade barriers making it easier for big business to make a buck. The Stop Atlantica resistance is building in Atlantic Canada and the Northeast United States.

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