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Petitions to the Sustainable Development Commissioner

The petitions process was established by Parliament to make sure Canadians can get timely answers from federal ministers on specific environmental and sustainable development issues that involve federal jurisdiction. Petitions are specific questions on federal matters submitted to the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development, an office of the Auditor General of Canada. Relevant federal departments are required to respond to the questions within 120 days.

Position Papers


  • BFF Brief to USDA regarding GMO Alfalfa February 2010. The brief outlines BFF's concerns regarding the environmental release of genetically engineered alfalfa in the US, its potential impact on Canada and on sustainable livestock production.

  • BFF Comments on CFIA Revised Draft Policy for the regulation of distillers’ grain derived as by-products from the ethanol production process. June 2008

  • Submission by Beyond Factory Farming to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency regarding the Draft Policy Paper for Discussion of Regulation of Distillers’ Grains derived as By-Products from The Ethanol Production Process. April 2008

  • Biofuels: The myths versus the facts Brief for Agriculture and Agri-foods Committee of the House of Commons Regarding the Committee’s study of Bill C-33, An Act to amend the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. March 2008

  • BFF Submission to the Next Generation of Agriculture and Agri-Food Policy - February 2007

  • Brief respecting Bill C-27, The Canadian Food Inspection Agency Enforcement Act. Presented to House Standing Committee on Agriculture and Food, 2005

Election 2008 :: Questions for candidates and all-candidates forums

For Canada's 2008 election, Beyond Factory Farming sent each federal party our Election Questionnaire. Read and compare their responses.

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