Local food system development

Opportunities for the expansion of local food system development in Quebec are abundant thanks to a wealth of ideas and supporting organizations- many of which are listed below. For the most part, growth in the local organic sector has been spurred by consumers looking to purchase healthy and environmentally sustainable food.

Farmers' Markets

Farmers markets have long been a favourite source local produce. Countless markets are located throughout Quebec, all offering a variety of locally produced food. Check out Farmer’s Markets in Montreal and elsewhere

Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture(CSA)is a growing movement that aims to connect urban and rural communities and facilitate partnerships between growers and consumers.

CSA Farms in Quebec

In 2005 there were 92 CSA farms in Quebec up from just one farm in 1995! Together, these farms fed over 10,000 people.

Collective Kitchens (Cuisines Collectives)

A “collective kitchen” is a small group of people who get together to cook large, nutritious meals in bulk that they take home to their families to freeze or use right away. Participants share recipe ideas, cooking tips, and learn how to use new.

Equiterre published a guide that encourages collective kitchens to buy food directly from a local farm and learn to cook with seasonal produce. It provides step by step directions for how collective kitchens can engage in the development of their local food economy while providing healthy food for their families.

Check it out! “Fresh from the Farm, Cooking According to Season. A practical guide to collective kitchens