Certified Organic Livestock

There are currently 765 certified organic producers in Quebec, 161 of which produce livestock (including beef, dairy goats, sheep, pigs, poultry, layers, and ducks) with a total of ~70,000 acres of certified land in production1. Organic livestock production is a growing part of the organic scene in Quebec with several studies underway exploring the market potential for producers throughout the province.

Alongside Ontario, Quebec is a leader when it comes to organic dairying. As of 2004 there were 59 farms producing over 18 million litres of organic milk for sale throughout the country.

The Chicken Marketing Board permits farmers to raise up to 199 broilers (meat chickens) without buying quota. While there is no official criteria defining "free range" for chickens, certified organic regulations do include minimum space requirements for chickens that demand a measure of humane treatment. As raising poultry outdoors is a seasonal operation, it is best to find your source of chickens early in the year and place an order for fall butchering. Similarly, free range eggs tend to be more widely available during the warmer months.