Certified Organic Livestock

The organic industry in the maritimes is slow to develop, however, there is growing interest on behalf of consumers and producers for organic products.

There are currently 31 producers that are certified organic, 4 of which produce livestock (including beef, dairy goats, sheep, pigs, poultry, layers, and ducks) with a total of ~1000 acres of certified land in production.

Organic livestock production is a growing part of the organic scene in Prince Edward Island, with studies being conducted on the market potential for producers throughout the atlantic provinces.

A group of dairy producers on the island have begun the transition to organic dairying with support for Amalgamated Dairies Limited (farmer-owned dairy co-op on PEI), and Purity Dairy, in hopes to provide organic milk to consumers by 2008. Currently, no organic milk is produced in the maritimes; it is imported from Ontario and Quebec.