Nova Scotia

While factory farming is not as present in the Atlantic provinces as it is elsewhere in the country, the livestock industry in Nova Scotia is experiencing increased concentration and intensification.

The dominant sectors are those that are supply managed, including dairy, poultry and eggs.

“Supply managed commodities, dairy, eggs, poultry and turkey; require the producer to hold a valid quota or license for production. The quota specifies an amount, which can be produced annually by the quota holder. Marketing Boards regulate and enforce the system to ensure the proper supply is produced to meet the demand.

Producers outside of the quota system do not have access to the supply managed commodities unless they have obtained a special license to produce. In Nova Scotia, broilers and turkeys have been granted special licenses for production as “free range” poultry. Those producers who obtain a license are required to meet specific regulations and cannot be located within a 2-kilometer radius of a commercial facility (Reg.1.08A). For milk and egg production, producers must hold a valid quota.”
(Excerpt from “Organic Market and Research Action Plan”