Poultry & Eggs

Poultry and egg production in the province is part of the supply management system.

The Newfoundland broiler industry is comprised of a single integrated company Country Ribbon which grows approximately two-thirds of its requirements and contract grows the remaining one-third.

The trend in the province is to industrialize, meaning fewer producers and larger scale operations. AgriFoods boasts that an advantage for producers on the island is having a “very moderate climate which is conducive to large scale chicken production”. And while local production is listed as favourable for consumers and producers, the scale at which local poultry is produced is not promoted as socially responsible.

The egg industry’s farm cash receipts is currently valued at over $12 million in the province. The average flock size has increased from 12,000 to 23,000 layers since 1986.

Those wishing to raise poultry without a quota license can only do so if their flock is no larger than 100 birds (this is true for both broilers and egg-laying hens).