Overview of ILO issues in Manitoba

The Clean Environment Commission is conducting an investigation of the sustainability of the hog industry in Manitoba. The current moratorium on new hog barn development, in place since November 2006, will remain in effect at least until the Commission completes its review and issues a final recommendations report. Based on the findings of the report, government will decide whether to lift or extend the moratorium.

The public meeting phase closed May 7th, 2007. The Clean Environment Commission is expected to release a series of technical reports by the end of June for further public input and then a final report by the end of the year. The moratorium on new liquid manure systems will remain in effect until at least spring of 2008. For further updates on the Hog Industry Review click here.

Read the Beyond Factory Farming Coalition's closing statement to the Clean Environment Commission: "Where do we go from here?" (pdf 108k)

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