Community victories

Foam Lake, Saskatchewan

Foam Lake was faced with a proposal by Big Sky Farms to set up a 5,000 sow industrial hog operation. Citizens organized to stop this mega-project.

Ste-Marie de Kent, New Brunswick

Photo: The Poop Patrol Headquarters building - Pigs, Poop and PoliticsPhoto: The Poop Patrol Headquarters building - Pigs, Poop and PoliticsSte-Marie de Kent, New Brunswick is a largely Acadian village in northern New Brunswick located along the estuary of the Bouctouche River. The community organized to shut down the Metz intensive hog operation, and succeeded. (pdf)

Court Cases

  • Saskatchewan Court of Appeal finds in favour of the community in Elite Swine al. v. R.M. of Moosomin No. 121, March 15, 2007. The Rural Municipality's Council had passed a planning statement that outlined conditions required before intensive livestock operations could be approved. After Elite Swine's application for a hog barn was turned down, the company challenged the Council's decision, but lost. Read the case summary.

  • Ontario Superior Court quashes hog barn building permit in O’Coin et al v. Shiner and Slack in October 2004.