Go local for the holidays: are you up for the challenge?

Where is your turkey coming from this Holiday season?

Would you like to serve your family healthier, humanely-raised, and environmentally friendly food but don’t know where to start?

Would you like to support local farmers, the environment, and your local economy?

This Holiday Season we are asking you to change one item on your Holiday menu—Turkey. Instead of buying a supermarket turkey, we are challenging you to buy a turkey that is locally grown and sustainably-raised.

Why take the turkey challenge?

Turkey is the centre-piece of your holiday meal. Why not make a statement that you care about serving good quality, fresh food to your family, and support your local farmers and the environment while doing so? Taking the time to buy locally produced food has positive impacts on your community. Join us this December in featuring a local turkey on your table…

For a list of more reasons why to “buy local”, check out:

Here’s how

Follow one of these links and our friends will help you learn how to buy local:

Share the "Go Local for the Holidays" message. We've made a letter-sized poster for you to print and post.

Download and Print (pdf 248kb)

Send us your success stories or let us know if you need more help

Happy Holidays from The Beyond Factory Farming Team…