Holistic Management

Holistic management was developed by Allan Savory based on his observations of relationships between land management, desertification and decision-making processes. On dryland pastures grazing a herd intensively on a small paddock for a short period of time, moving the animals quickly and letting the land rest, recover and regenerate for several weeks or months promotes biodiversity and soil health. The “product” of a holistically managed farm is the livestock which is sold, but the focus of the farm is the grasslands that are at the base of the farm ecosystem.

Holistic management has achieved remarkable results reclaiming pastures in Africa, Australia and North America. When land is under holistic management, farmers manage the relationships between land, grazing animals, and water in ways that mimic nature. The first step towards managing holistically is the establishment of a clear, encompassing goal that embraces all desired outcomes and expresses the will and commitment of those who will be involved in achieving it. Every significant planning and monitoring decision is tested against this holistic goal.

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